Significant GDV Shows Upside – NRA Capital

The latest research report by NRA Capital on the company was released on 14 July 2016.

Extracts from report:
“Regal International Limited and yielded a total gross development value of RM 1.7 billion over 24 projects. Estimated net development value from these projects in turn amount to RM254.11m. Adding back Regal’s equity base, RNAV works out to about RM319.60m or S$0.532 per share or S$0.350 after discount. We see Regal as a deeply undervalued high return/high risk counter. Risk stems from the company’s ability to execute its projects and whether the company can meet the minimum trading price rule. Upside is derived from the size of Regal’s projects and their development upside, relative to Regal’s current share price.”

Check out NRA Capital website or click on the image below to download the report.

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