Regal Lands Sealed Strategic Partnership with China Nantong Suzhong Construction to Strengthen Capabilities

Regal Lands Sdn Bhd (“Regal Lands”), a subsidiary of Regal International Group Ltd. (“RIG” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) on 21 February 2017, sealed strategic alliance partnership with Nantong Suzhong Construction Co, Ltd. (南通蘇中建設公司) to explore opportunities to develop and innovate property contents to enhance Sarawak’s property market via the signing of a Heads of Agreement (HOA).

Partnership Strengthens Mutual Capabilities

Collaborating with Nantong Suzhong, a RMB 200 million capital export-oriented construction company with on-going project values worth approximately RMB 5.6 billion, Regal Lands is positive that the strategic alliance will help generate and add on its property values and contents; enable technical capabilities exchange and enhance the Group’s overall competitive edge as a property builder-developer and yield for more mega property project opportunities by way of joint ventures.

Additionally, Regal Lands will be able to leverage on Nantong Suzhong’s market across 20 autonomous regions worldwide to strengthen and broaden its current customer base and heighten its international exposure.

Focusing on property development and related ventures, Regal’s alliance with Nantong Suzhong Construction reflects our efforts in building up our property portfolio, to ultimately achieve our corporate strategies of revenue enhancement and cost-cutting,” remarked Mr Su, after the signing ceremony held in Hilton Hotel Kuching.

In return, Regal Lands will be the link between Nantong Suzhong Construction and prospective Sarawak’s ample property development opportunities. Both parties are confident that the partnership will help strengthen mutual capabilities towards realizing the ultimate objective of revenue creation.

(From left to right) Mr. Nicholas Wong, Executive Director of Regal Group, Mr. Dominic Su, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Regal Group, Mr. Zhang Qi Gui, Vice President of Nantong Suzhong Construction and Mr. Jin Xin, Project Manager of Nantong Suzhong Construction during the HOA signing ceremony.


About Nantong Suzhong Construction Co, Ltd.
Established in 1985, Nantong Suzhong Construction Co, Ltd. (NSCC) is a first grade enterprise with general contractor qualification in building engineering construction, mechanical and electrical equipment installation. As an integrated, export-oriented construction company, NSCC’s focuses are mainly in building engineering construction projects, as well as in assembly equipment installation, fire engineering, municipal engineering, boilers, pressure vessel and piping installation works, real estate development and hotel services.

Developing market with civil work and consolidating market with installation, NSCC has completed 44 floors of Shanghai New Civil Affairs Newspaper Building, 33 floors of residential area known as Golden Garden at Qingdao China, high rise buildings and more than 20 large and medium-sized commercial and residential district of 300,000 square meters across China, including Hohhot City, AnShan, Urumqi, Beijing, Mongolia and etc. Expanding its businesses to overseas, NSCC participated in oil refining projects at Sudan and Uzbekistan and 1 million ton worth of oil refining projects both at N’Djamena and Zindel.

For more information, please visit Nantong Suzhong Construction.

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