Regal Lands Sealed Collaboration with Bako Development Cooperative in Land Development

Regal Lands Sdn Bhd (“Regal Lands”), the wholly-owned subsidiary of SGX-mainboard listed Regal International Group Ltd. (“RIG” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) sealed the Collaboration Agreement with Koperasi Pembangunan Bako Kuching Berhad (“Bako Development Cooperative”) on 6 February 2018, to engage in the development, promotion and enhancement of communal land vicinity near the Kuching Bako National Park, Sarawak.

Backed by RIG’s established track record in the area of property development, the collaboration will focus on propelling the general development of communal land area near Bako with the ultimate objective of enhancing commercial eco-tourism activities and boosting tourist traffic.

Mr. Dominic Su, CEO of RIG (second right) exchanged document with Mr. Umar Baki Bin Sani, Chairman of Bako Development Cooperative (second left), along with Mr. Heazani Bin Jemi, Treasurer of Bako Development Cooperative (left) and Mr. Nicholas Wong, Executive Director of RIG (right).

This link-up with Bako Development Cooperative is an indication of the community’s trust and confidence in RIG. We endeavor to introduce innovative estate solutions which will help the local villagers to reap better economic benefits while sustaining the natural environment,” remarked Mr. Dominic Su during the signing.

Leveraging on Bako Development Cooperative’s extensive network and community influence, such strategic alliance is expected to add values to potential Bako-related collaborations besides contributing to the Group’s growth strategy of value-adding to RIG’s development portfolio and raising its profile as a proficient builder-developer.

The communal land vicinity near Bako National Park as highlighted.


About Koperasi Pembangunan Bako Kuching Berhad

Bako Development Cooperative is a co-operative society established as a business entity to seek out opportunities and commercial partnerships to improve the livelihood and earnings of all the village folk living within the area of operations. The co-operative’s mission includes increasing the marketing of local products while creating job opportunities for the local villages.

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