Regal Lands Signs MOU On Medical Centre To Complement Tropics City

Nicholas Wong (left) exchanging documents with Dato Azizi (right) in Kuching.


Regal Lands Sdn Bhd (“RLSB”), a subsidiary of Regal International Group Ltd (“RIGL”), has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Twin Revenue Sdn Bhd (“TRSB”) on 3th July 2020 for the development of three parcels of lands located within the vicinity of the Group’s ongoing major development, Tropics City.

TRSB is the beneficial owner of those three parcels of land which have been approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health for the development of a private medical and specialist centre with related facilities proposed to be named “Tropics Plus” (“the Project”). Pursuant to the MOU, RLSB will come into the picture as the main developer and project manager to construct and manage the development of the Project. The Parties thereto have a mutual understanding to jointly collaborate to plan, study, and undertake other incidental works to jointly invest in and manage the Project.

The proposed medical and specialist centre will house Kuching’s first bone and spine specialist centre as well as an aesthetic medical centre to be operated and managed by professional healthcare service providers. The Project is complementary and very close in proximity to the Group’s ongoing major development, Tropics City. In the recent years, RIGL has also strived to bring in a thyroid care centre and Merk-El Care into Tropics City, thus presenting Tropics City as the First Health City in Malaysia.

From RIGL’s perspective, this signing on the medical centre represents part of the Group’s continued efforts to enhance the contents of our current and future property projects. We are constantly striving to add value to our products, to stimulate new demands, to enlarge our customer base, as well as to innovate new application of our real estate, thus differentiating us from our peers and creating new platforms to integrate our real estate products with other value and product chains to yield value amplifying on our real estate to move up the value chain. We believe all these endeavors will enhance our wealth creation and its sustainability.


About Tropics City

Regal Group is currently developing Tropics City which consists of 90 SoHo apartments, 262 apartments and 252 commercial units. Regal Group has the intention to develop the area into a prime mixed residential/commercial/business area in Kuching City, Sarawak. Tropics City aims to be a landmarked mixed development with healthy lifestyle environment, education hub, beauty and wellness as a way of life, culture and art to enrich and elevate one’s lifestyle besides the value of the Live-Safe-Work-Play concept.

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