Regal International Group’s Revenue Jumps 115% to RM$81.3 Million in 1Q2016 / 耀傑集團2016年度第1季營收上漲115%



  1. Revenue in 1Q2016 grew 115% to RM$81.3 million from RM$37.3 million in 1Q2015 due to more sold units and completed development projects.
  2. The Group recorded Net Profit of RM$0.3 million for 1Q2016 owing to a profit after tax contribution of RM3.8 million from the property division, which was offset by loss after tax of RM1.3 million from the precision business division.
  3. The Group remains cautiously confident that it will be able to meet future headwinds through adaptive strategies such as growing beyond Kuching, Sarawak and positioning a diversified and balanced portfolio of projects to meet changing market demands.



  1. 拜產業單位銷售量上升及較多發展項目竣工所賜,本集團之營業收入自2015年度第1季的RM37.8百萬元上漲115%2016年度第1RM81.3百萬元。
  2. 產業部於2016年度第1季所貢獻之RM3.8百萬元之稅後淨利爲精密企業部之RM1.3百萬元稅後淨損部分抵消後,集團於2016年度第1季之稅後淨利為RM0.3百萬元。
  3. 集團對剋服逆境持審慎卻不失信心的態度,擬通過適應性戰略拓展砂嶗越古晉以外之業務,並以多元化且均衡值產業項目組合之定位滿足不斷變化的市場需求。



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