Regal International Group Retains Profitability for Q1FY2018

Financial Highlights:

RM(million) 1QFY2018 1QFY2017 % Change
Revenue 30.59 40.37 -24%
Cost of Sales 21.69 27.67 -22%
Gross Profit 8.90 12.70 -30%
Profit before tax 1.44 4.18 -65%
Net Profit after tax 0.68 2.67 -74%
Exchange difference on foreign operations translation, net of tax 0.03 0.50 -93%
Total comprehensive income (loss) for the period 0.72 3.16 -77%
  • The Group manages to retain profitability for 1QFY2018 with RM0.72 million of total comprehensive income, despite the lack of commercial project completion as in 1QFY2017 when total comprehensive income of RM3.16 million was recorded.
  • Generally, with healthy GDP forecast of 5% to 5.5%, higher employment rates, rising oil prices and gradual strengthening of the Malaysian Ringgit, all leading to rising income level, the Group is confident that the Sarawak property sector will see increasing activities within the next 12 months.
  • Hence, with the progressive implementation of its cost-cutting and revenue enhancement strategies, Regal is confident that its financial performance will also improve in FY2018. Meanwhile, the Group strives to retain business consistency in profitability and sustainability.



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