Regal Explores New Business Opportunities in Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair in Guizhou, China / 出席中國貴州跨界投資貿易洽談會,耀傑集團拓展新商機

Regal participated in the Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair in Guizhou, China, to explore further business investment opportunities to value-add to the development of Halal Industry Zone within the Qinzhou Industrial Park (“CMQIP”), in Guizhou, China on 10 November 2016.

Hosted by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province and the Bank of China, this exploratory event, with over 1,600 participants from countries like United Kingdom, Russia, Indonesia and Korea, provides a platform for the Group to connect with companies from industries like big data, food, health, tourism, agriculture and high-end manufacturing, for future potential business collaborations and exchanges.

The Group is on the constant lookout for complementary business ventures of synergies to its core business, for sustainable growth and wealth creation, in support of the overall corporate strategy to heighten new demands and broaden its customer base. Regal targets to explore new avenues of adding content to its core property development business, while enrolling aspiring businesses to setup operations in the Halal Industry Zone within the CMQIP.

耀傑集團於2016年11月10日遣派代表出席在中國貴州舉辦的跨界投資貿易洽談會,不僅爲本集團爭取更多商業投資機會,同時亦推進了中馬欽州產業園 (簡稱“CMQIP”) 內的清真產業區之發展。

由貴州省人民政府及中國銀行主辦,該投資貿易洽談會彙聚超過1600 名來自英國、俄羅斯、印尼及韓國等地的參與者。該投資貿易洽談會爲耀傑集團與各國不同領域的企業,如食品、醫療、旅遊、農業及高端制造業未來的合作及交流搭建了良好的平臺。


Regal participated in Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair in Guizhou, China on 10 November 2016. 耀傑集團於2016年11月10日參與“中國貴州跨界投資貿易洽談會”。

The event, with over 1,600 participants, opened up cross-border investment opportunities. 洽談會吸引超過1600名參與者前來拓展跨界投資機會。

Participating countries in the Investment and Trade Fair. 參與投資貿易洽談會的國家。

Regal’s representative (right) exploring new opportunities in Guizhou, China. 耀傑集團代表(右)於中國貴州拓展新商機。

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