Regal’s Series of Inspirational Talks – My Journey Through Time

Another series of Regal’s inspirational talks – “My Journey Through Time (岁月讲堂)” on 25 August 2019 had brought excitement to approximately 60 enthusiastic participants with mostly Chinese entrepreneurs and many of whom are China corporate leaders of construction and development firms, at the seminar area of the showroom @ Regal Galleria.

Professor Yin Yi-Lin, with impressive qualifications in quantity surveying and cost engineering in China, had given a speech on “Become A Successful Professional”, which have created a positive impact that passion is the fuel that inspires and drives people toward specific goals and career success.

We have further introduced “Malaysia My Second Home” to welcome qualified foreign citizens to have second home in Malaysia and to invest in Sarawak.

Group photo taken at Regal Galleria.

Inspiring talk session.

Local handicraft presented to Professor Yin Yi-Lin.




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