Unaudited Financial Statements and Related Announcement for the Full Year Ended 31 Dec 2014 / 截至2014年12月31日止未經審查之年度財務報表及相關公告

Regal International Group Ltd. (formerly known as HISAKA Holdings Ltd.) (the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) would have presented its shareholders with a net operating profit after tax of RM21.2 million, should the one-off Reverse Takeover (“RTO”) expenses and impairment of goodwill of the precision business be excluded.

Despite challenges envisaged in FY2015, the Group remains positive and determined to create sustainable revenue streams for its shareholders for the coming year.


耀傑集團(原為HISAKA Holdings Ltd)(簡稱“公司”及旗下所有子公司統稱“集團”)可排除反向收購(簡稱“RTO”)的一次性費用與精密企業業務的商譽減值, 公司將可向股東們提交馬幣2120 萬元淨營運利潤的佳績。

儘管集團預期2015 會計年度將充滿挑戰,集團仍保持積極正面的態度,決心為股東們在來年創造可持續性的經濟源頭。




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