Delisting of Taiwan Depository Receipts on Taiwan Stock Exchange Announcement / 臺灣存託憑證於臺灣證券交易所終止上市之公告

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of Regal International Group Ltd. (“Company”, and together with its subsidiaries, “Group”) refers to the announcement made by the Company on 8 July 2019 in respect of the possible delisting of Taiwan Depository Receipts (“TDR”) on Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) for the Company (TWSE stock code: 911619).

TWSE has informed the Company on 9 July 2019 that the net worth of the Group, as indicated in the duly announced and filed consolidated financial report for the most recent period, is less than one-third of its share capital stated. This meets the Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation” Article 50-3 paragraphs 9 subparagraph 2 for delisting a TDR. The Company’s TDR will be delisted with effect from 19 August 2019. The TDR listing contract signed between the Company and TWSE will be terminated at the same time. Therefore, the last trading day of TDR will be on 16 August 2019.

The Company is of the opinion that the delisting will not affect the listing and trading of the Company’s shares on Singapore Stock Exchange.



Regal International Group Ltd.(簡稱“公司”,及其子公司統稱“集團”)的董事會(簡稱“董事會”) 參見本公司於2019年7月8日有關臺灣證券交易所(“TWSE”)之臺灣存託 憑證 (“TDR”)可能終止上市 (臺灣證券交易所股票代码:911619)之公告。

TWSE於 2019年 7月 9日通知本公司 有關其最近期间正式公布和提交的合并財務報告顯示集 團净值 少於 其股本的三分之一 。這符合 TWSE營業細則 第 50條之 3第 9款第 2项的 TDR終 止上市 條規 之情事 。本公司之 TDR將自 2019年 8月 19 日終止上市 。本公司與 TWSE原簽署 之上市契約亦同時終止。 因此, TDR的最後交易日 將會是 2019年 8月 16日。



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