Quarterly Update Pursuant To Rule 1313 (2) Of The Listing Manual/ 依據上市手冊第1313 (2) 條規之季度匯報

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Regal International Group Ltd. (the “Company”) together with its subsidiaries (the “Group”) refers to its announcement dated 4 June 2017 that the Company was placed on the watch-list due to the Minimum Trading Price (the “MTP”) Entry Criterion with effect from 5 June 2017.

Rule 1313(2) of the Listing Manual of Singapore Exchange Limited (the “SGX”) requires the Company to provide a quarterly update on its efforts and progress made in meeting the exit criteria of the MTP watch-list, including where applicable its financial situation, its future direction, or other material development that may have a significant impact on its financial position.

The Company will continue to formulate and execute corporate strategies to improve and strengthen the Group’s profitability and financial position.

The Group has recently signed collaboration agreement with Koperasi Pembangunan Bako Kuching Berhad (“Bako Development Cooperative”) and Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with UniMap Holdings Sdn Bhd (“UniMap Holdings”) in February 2018. These are new initiatives to increase market share, stimulate new demands, and enhance the value-creation of our property development projects.

Regal International Group Ltd. (簡稱 “公司”及旗下所有子公司統稱“集團”) 的董事會 (簡稱 “董事會”) 茲提述公司先前於2017年6月4日,有關公司於2017年6月5日起按最低交易價 (簡稱“MTP”) 准入標準將其列入觀察名單所發佈之公告。

依據新加坡證券交易所 (簡稱 “SGX”) 上市手冊第1313 (2) 條規規定,公司需就脫離MTP的觀察名單所做之努力與進展,包括其財務狀況、未來方向或任何其他可能對其財務狀況產生重大影響之重大發展,提供季度匯報。


本集團於2018年2月份剛與Koperasi Pembangunan Bako Kuching Berhad (簡稱“峇哥開發合作社”) 簽署合作協議,接著又與UniMap Holdings Sdn Bhd (簡稱“UniMap Holdings”) 訂立的諒解備忘錄(簡稱“MOU”)。這些新舉措均是爲增加市場占有率、營造新市場需求,及加强自身發展產業之附加值創造。

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