Formal Discontinuance of Legal Proceedings/ 法律程序正式終止

Further to its announcement on 1 October 2018 concerning the settlement of legal proceedings between Regal International Group Ltd. and Lim Jin Wei in the State Courts of Singapore (the “Proceedings”), the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Proceedings have been formally discontinued.


茲提述先前於 2018 年 10 月 1 日所發佈之公告,有關於 Regal International Group Ltd.與林仁偉於新加坡法院達成之法律程序和解 (簡稱 “法律程序”),董事會謹此宣布法律程序已正式終止。


For further information, kindly download the full announcement(s) as per link(s) below.

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