Changes to the Composition of the Board and the Board Committees / 董事會及董事委员會组成之变更

The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of the Company wishes to announce that composition of the Board and Board Committees of the Company shall be as follows with effect from 10 August 2019 following to the appointment of Mr Lau Kay Heng as Independent Director of the Company:

Board of Directors
Su Chung Jye – Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Wong Pak Kiong – Executive Director
Low Yew Shen – Non-Executive Director
Goon Kok Loon – Lead Independent Director
Francis Hwang Huat Kuong – Independent Director
Lau Kay Heng – Independent Director

Audit Committee
Goon Kok Loon – Chairman
Francis Hwang Huat Kuong – Member
Lau Kay Heng – Member

The composition of the Nominating Committee and Remuneration Committee remain unchanged.

Information on the appointment and the particulars as required under Rule 704(7) of the Listing Rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited was released separately via SGXNet.

本公司的董事會 (簡稱 “董事會”)意欲公佈本公司之董事會及董事委员會的组成如下自2019年8月10日起生效,隨劉啟興先生获委任为本公司之独立董事:


蘇琮傑 – 執行主席暨執行長
黃拔強 – 執行董事
劉耀升 – 非執行董事
阮國倫 – 首席獨立董事
范發光 – 獨立董事
劉啟興 – 獨立董事

阮國倫 – 主席
范發光 – 會員
劉啟興 – 會員


有關委任的詳情及細節依据新加坡证券交易所之上市手冊第704(7)条已於 SGXNet另行公布。


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