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Regal Granted License to Establish iBosses Entrepreneurship Learning System

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Million Sunray Sdn Bhd (“Million Sunray”), the 55%-owned subsidiary of SGX–mainboard listed Regal International Group Ltd. (“RIG” or together with its subsidiary, the “Group”) has entered into a licensing agreement (“Licensing Agreement”) with iBosses Pte. Ltd. (“iBosses”), the wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX-mainboard listed iBosses Corporation Limited (“iBosses Corp”) on 15 August 2017, to replicate the iBosses Entrepreneurship Learning System in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Under the Licensing Agreement, iBosses, as the Licensor of iBosses Entrepreneurship Learning System, a system developed for the teaching and training of iBosses Entrepreneurship Courses based on its proprietary 8-Level Entrepreneurship Maturity Model, grants the license and rights to Million Sunray to establish and carry on the business of marketing the iBosses Centre in Sarawak, East Malaysia, for the period of one (1) year from the date of the Licensing Agreement.


Such collaboration is part of the Group’s forward strategies in pursue of continued growth to innovate property contents and values to stimulate new demands; broaden customer base and increase market share. This strategic alliance is also expected to conjure greater synergies for enhanced value-creation.

iBosses currently operates iBosses centres in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia and will be transferring its acquired knowledge, know-how, expertise and experience in developing and structuring the curriculum of the courses, together with its developed teaching method to Million Sunray for its operation in Sarawak, Malaysia.


About iBosses
iBosses Corporation Limited is an internationally recognized corporation that is dedicated to inspiring and leading potential entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success through individually-tailored training programs. With a vision to be the global leading provider of Entrepreneurship Training and Development, iBosses’ services include Entrepreneurship Training, Entrepreneurship Mentorship, Entrepreneurship Licensing and an Entrepreneurship Digital Platform. These services are intended to nurture, groom and grow successful entrepreneurs via iBosses Global Platform.

Established in 2014, iBosses Corporation Limited is based in Australia, and has expanded to include multiple centres located in Singapore (iBosses Private Limited), Hong Kong (iBosses Hong Kong Limited) and Malaysia (YES Academy Licensee). iBosses has been registered as a member of the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore) – FLA Singapore – iBosses.

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